All wealth comes from the ground.

My thoughts on where real money in a community comes from.

2/14/20241 min read

"All true wealth comes from the ground."

I couldn't find who first said this quote. I remember a politician saying it years ago, I think it has gone out of style to say that real wealth comes from the ground and not from tourism, or cyberspace. If you don't understand what this quote means, that's okay I'll clarify it to you.

The best kind of money that an economy can have is original money. Original money is brought in from the outside of the area and added to the economy. Wheat is a prime example it's raised here in Montana and sold overseas. The money it brings from overseas, is new money. It hasn't bounced around the area yet, but when spent locally by a farmer it will bounce around the community many times before leaving the community. This money is the life blood of our economy and its the supercharger of the local economy.

Other examples of wealth from the ground are cattle, mining and energy extraction. All of these build a healthy economy and that's why I will do everything I can to support, farmers, ranchers, mining, and energy extraction. They bring in the money we need to make the state function and create good high paying jobs! We could probably argue the high paying jobs part when it comes to agriculture, but I think you get my drift.