Wicks for Freedom

My first priority is to protect your rights, and keep the government out of your business, and fight to protect your tax dollars from waste and theft.

Keeping Helena in Helena, and using Helena to keep DC in DC!

My job

Defending Constitutional Rights

Is to stand up for freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms. I believe that our rights are God given and only enumerated in the Bill of Rights. In the picture above I'm giving a pro-gun speech in Helena on the Capital steps. This was one of the three pro-gun rallies around the state I spoke at in 2020

Fighting for Montanan's rights on the Freedom Convoy 2022

Choral and I on our way to DC, to meet with our elected representatives during the Covid lockdowns.

Protecting Tax Dollars

Ensuring that your hard-earned tax dollars are spent wisely and responsibly.

Representing Everyone

House District 28 is huge!

I intend to represent everyone in this district. From Whitlash to Glentana, and all points in between!

House district 28 is located in five counties, Liberty, Hill, Blaine, Phillips, and Valley. Skirts three reservations, Fort Belknap, Rocky Boy, and Fort Peck. Contains or serves 25 plus named communities, and 11 Hutterite colonies. Borders two provinces, Alberta and Saskatchewan. To drive from Whitlash to Glentana is @307 miles! It’s one of a kind!

Pro-Life Advocacy




Anti Woke

Mark & Elizabeth Wicks Family

I am a third generation Montanan. Born and raised on the family homestead (1913) north of Inverness, MT, the youngest of ten children. I attended grade school in Joplin and Inverness, and went on to graduate high school from Blue Sky High in Rudyard, MT. I then attended MSU Bozeman where I studied History, Technology Education, and was enrolled in ARMY ROTC. In 1991 I joined the Army Reserve. I received an Associates degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology from Lane Community College, and hold certificates in Power plant and Airframe Maintenance. I spent one semester studying abroad in Lulea, Sweden. While there, I toured 16 countries and saw firsthand the effects of communism and socialism on society. In 2012, I published the book “Wrath of the Dodo,” a well received work of Montana fiction. In 1991 I returned home to take over the family farm. I ranched and farmed for 31 years until leasing it to my son Hunter. In 1996 I married my wife Beth, and have celebrated 27 years together. We have three adult children, and one in junior high. Our oldest, Hunter, chose to farm and is the fourth generation to farm our land. Hunter and Emerald are newly married and doing a great job of continuing our families farming legacy. Jewel, our oldest daughter, is serving as an officer on a Navy destroyer after graduating with honors from University of Montana and completing Navy Officer Training.

Choral, our third child, is an honor student at MSU Northern and just celebrated her marriage to Daeson Salveson of Saco. Liberty, our fourth child, is in Junior High at North Star Schools. We currently live in Inverness. In between being an unpaid farmhand for my son, I deliver the mail going on 12 years. Over the years I’ve had many jobs: roughneck, census taker, undertakers assistant, mailman, mechanic, business owner, entrepreneur, contractor, custom agricultural worker, making me a jack of all trades. I have even designed all my own campaign literature and logos. All my experiences have given me a well rounded life experience that will be a great asset to the people of House District 28. My free time is filled up with volleyball games, woodworking, writing, metal detecting and rebuilding salvage vehicles. I am looking forward to grandchildren, and seeing what the future brings for my family. I can’t think of a better thing to do with my time than represent the Hi-Line and its rural way of life. I’m excited to go to work as your next Representative!

Pro-Gun as it gets!

Keeping Helena in Helena, and using Helena to keep DC in DC!

Pro-America Stance

Mark Wicks

Box 812

Inverness, Montana 59530


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St maries irrigation district
St maries irrigation district

My Highest priority after protecting your rights, is to get the St. Maries Canel fully funded.

St. Maries Irrigation District

My number one goal, after protecting your rights from being infringed is to fund the St. Maries. Nothing is more important on the Hi-Line than water. We simply can't have the St. Maries fail again! Too many farmers and communities depend on the that water. The economic impact for recreation and hunting that the St. Maries provides on the Hi-line is almost incalcuable.

The only Republican candidate in HD28 that is against a sales tax or consumption tax

Proud to be endorsed by Montanans for Limited Government..

I am dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights, keeping the government out of your life, and fighting to protect your tax dollars. With a commitment to pro-life, pro-gun, pro-America values, I will be your strong advocate in the legislature.